The Bench (HD) + bonus features

The Bench (HD) + bonus features

The Bench in 1080p HD plus all the bonus features contained on the hard copy release.

The Bench (HD) + bonus features

7 Videos

  • The Bench (HD)

    Michael has a routine. Every day at noon, he heads to his favorite local park where he sits and enjoys the sun on the same bench. However, this time is slightly different, he is greeted by a mysterious woman who soon seems to know everything about him. However, he doesn't recall ever meeting her....

  • Blooper Reel

    Nobody's perfect and we want to prove that the cast ins't either. Enjoy them messing up. :D

  • Behind-the-Scenes

    Take a look at some behind-the-scenes during the shooting of "The Bench" over the course of shooting.

  • Meet Peter

    There was another scene originally that took place before the woman showed up and had another character. Unfortunately, the weather changed drastically and it couldn't be finished. This is all that was shot for it - in its raw form.

  • Raw Footage

    Take a look at some of the dailies before any editing was done to them. The audio recorded by the camera is in tact and everything!

  • Visual Effects: Before and After Comparison

    You may not have known it, but the film contained some visual effects. Here is a small feature showing the before, after and a comparison of both.

  • "Walrus" - short skit shot on the set

    After the weather changed and the original opening couldn't be completed, the cast and crew shot a random short skit that features bloodless superhuman enemies!

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